Guide to Classical Music in Hong Kong


Department of Music, Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Department of Music of the Chinese University of Hong Kong was founded in 1965, two years after the establishment of the university itself. It was the first degree-granting music institution in Hong Kong, and the department is still generally regarded as the foremost place for studying music in the region. Study areas include performance, theory, composition and music history of both Chinese and Western music.

School of Music, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Founded in 1984, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts provides training and research facilities in the performing and related technical arts. It was granted degree-awarding status in 1992. The School of Music offers courses in both Chinese and Western music. Students may choose to major in a Chinese instrument, a Western instrument, vocal/operatic studies or composition.

Department of Music, Hong Kong Baptist University

The Hong Kong Baptist University was founded in 1956 and obtained university status in 1994. Its music degree courses cover a wide range of subjects such as composition, theory, performance, music education, etc. The Electro-Acoustic Music Centre, unique in Hong Kong and China, was built in 1990 to support the composition and music production courses.

Department of Music, University of Hong Kong

Music Office

The government established the Music Office in 1977 to promote knowledge and appreciation of music among the public, especially young people. It achieves its objectives by assisting in the organization of music activities in the region as well as providing music training for the young.