Guide to Classical Music in Hong Kong


There are a few orchestras in the region with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta being the only full-time professional ensembles. Another group that gives regular concerts each year is the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, which is comprised of professional musicians residing in the region. Amateur/youth orchestras such as the Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra, the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra and Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra only perform a few times each year.

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

Turned professional in 1974, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra comprises over 80 musicians from over ten countries and performs in a subscription season from September to July, giving over 100 concerts in venues throughout the region. The orchestra also performs regularly in local opera and ballet productions. Being one of the better orchestras in Southeast Asia, the HKPO has toured Europe, North America, China and other Asian countries. Edo de Waart has been the orchestra's Artistic Director since the 2004/05 season.

Hong Kong Sinfonietta

Originally a medium size amateur orchestra formed by local musicians in 1990, the Hong Kong Sinfonietta is slowly evolving into the second professional orchestra in the region. It aims at promoting classical music and nurturing local musicians. Besides giving regular concerts, performing new works by local composers, participating in educational and community activities are also the major missions of the orchestra. Local conductor Yip Wing-sie is the orchestra's current Music Director.

City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong

The City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong is renowned for its innovative programming and fine musicianship. Inaugurated in 1999, the ensemble is comprised of professional freelance musicians resident in the city and gives regular concerts each year. It specializes in the performance of a wide range of small and intimate works for orchestra.

SAR Philharmonic

"The SAR Philharmonic has a simple goal: Helping to lessen suffering through Sweet And Romantic music. This is mostly carried out by presenting concerts for fund raising by other charitable organizations.The SAR Philharmonic (previously known as the SAR Ensemble) is the musical arm of SAR Philharmonic Charitable Foundation, a Hong Kong Government registered Charitable Foundation. The orchestra performs several concerts a year and since the first concert in 1999 over $7 million have been raised for local non-government organizations."

Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia

"A distinguished group of 50 Hong Kong-based professional musicians specializing in the performance of music written for wind orchestra. Although Hong Kong boasts professional orchestras and chamber ensembles, until the formation of the Wind Philharmonia in 2002, it has not had a professional wind orchestra. Its primary goal is to perform wind music of the highest professional caliber for a broad-based and diverse audience in Hong Kong."

Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra

"Founded in 1976 by a small group of musicians who felt that there was a need in Hong Kong for a chamber-sized orchestra aiming at a high standard of music making. The Orchestra has grown to a regular membership of thirty professional and non-professional musicians and gives regular concerts in Hong Kong."

Concerto da Camera

"A chamber music group formed by various professional local musicians in Hong Kong. Its aim is to perform and promote classical music in various chamber music forms to its audience."