Guide to Classical Music in Hong Kong


There are a few newsgroups related to classical music in the region and they are all bilingual (Chinese and English). 3music.classical [via WWW-NNTP]

In early March 2008, some subscribers of the FreeForum newsgroup music.classical brought the news of the imminent shutdown of FreeForum. As most subscribers agreed to move to this newsgroup, it quickly became the most popular classical music newsgroup in the region.

Usenet: [via Google Groups]

The unmoderated Usenet newsgroup was created in April 1998 for the discussion of classical music and related events/subjects in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, not all ISPs carry this newsgroup and therefore many people cannot access it from their news clients directly. In addition, the amount of spams has increased to an unacceptable level and most people have ceased posting to this newsgroup by the end of 1999. [web site]: